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Congratulations on making that all-important decision to get your career moving in the right direction! The Caribbean Cuisine Culinary Institute will help you turn your culinary passion into a successful career through its innovative education delivery style, which is designed with ease of access in mind.

The curriculum is flexible, allowing students to set and meet their goals based on the skills and knowledge that each individual needs to acquire. The Caribbean Cuisine Culinary Institute’s team of highly qualified instructors will guide you on a carefully planned course of theory and practical instruction in keeping with the Institution’s goal of ensuring that passionate students earn the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their dreams.

The curriculum is designed to foster personal and professional development; time management, organizational and effective communication skills; as well as the setting of goals, which will be achieved through a number of interactive activities and exercises.
Student success is based on open-mindedness, commitment and the level of participation that is contributed to the process.

The Importance of Certification

Education, be it from an accredited institution or the school of hard knocks is priceless in the pursuit of excellence. We truly do learn something every time we cook. Having the third party validation that comes with the American Culinary Federation’s (ACF) certification programs is the game changer. Certification in your chosen career is what tells everyone that you are serious and are willing to prove it so.

Being a certified cook or chef says that you are a professional, that this is a career choice not just a job.


Kimberly Brock Brown, CEPC, CCA, AAC
ACF South-Eastern Regional Vice President


Caribbean Cuisine Culinary Institute is offering a professional chef’s training programme.  For more information on this programme, or to download an application form, please use the links below.

N.B. The completed form may be scanned and returned via email to chefs@caribbeancuisineculinary.com or brought to our office at “Advent House”, Cnr. Advent Avenue, Bank Hall Cross Road, St. Michael, Barbados, BB11137.

Professional Chef’s Training Programme

Caribbean Cuisine Culinary Institute is offering a professional chef’s training programme.  Candidates who successfully complete the programme will be awarded a Certified Culinarian® designation (CC®) through the American Culinary Federation (ACF).

The requirements for completion of this program are as follows:

  • Professional Membership of the American Culinary Federation
  • Theory Course

o   30-Hour Culinary Nutrition

o   30-Hour Food Safety & Sanitation

o   30 Hour Culinary Supervisory Management

o   40-Hour Practical Assessment Training

  • 170-Hours of Professional Continuing Education Training

Upon completion of above mandatory pre-requisites, candidates will be eligible to take the following assessment examinations:

  • Certified Culinarian® (CC®) Written Examination

o   This examination is given through Comira assessment and educational testing centers under the guidelines of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation.

  • Certified Culinarian® (CC®) Practical Cooking Evaluation

o   This practical evaluation is administered by three (3) ACF Certified Evaluators (CE) under the guiding principles of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF).

Following the completion of all of the above requirements, the candidate’s folder will be submitted to the American Culinary Federation’s Certification Commission for the awarding of the certificate.  Upon receipt of the certification, the candidate will be authorized to proudly display his/her designation (CC®) or title (Certified Culinarian®) on uniforms, as well as on all correspondence.

The cost for the certification process includes theory classes; practical test training; theory testing; practical evaluations, including food and supplies required for the practical evaluation; as well as the cost of the three (3) required ACF Certified Culinary Evaluators.

The Caribbean Cuisine Culinary Institute will administer and manage all requirements for submission of the completed portfolio to the American Culinary Federation’s Certification Department.

National/ Caribbean Vocational Qualification (N/CVQ)

The CCCI is also offering the National/ Caribbean Vocational Qualification in Food Preparation & Cookery Level 2 through the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council.

The requirements for completion of this program are as follows:

  • Theoretical and practical training in a total of 12 units, including 5 mandatory units as outlined by the TVET Council
  • Assessment Test

The Caribbean Cuisine Culinary Institute will administer and manage all requirements for submission of the completed portfolio to the TVET Council.

Non-certification Courses

Each course will be conducted over a four-week period:

  • Cooking for Entertainment
  • Caribbean Cooking
  • Baking Cakes & Pastry
  • Bread Making for Beginners
  • Bajan Favourites
  • Lean & Light
  • Country Cooking

Individual modules will also be offered; they can be used against the Professional Continuing Education Training (i.e. for professional certification) hours required, for personal development in specific areas or to enhance your culinary knowledge.



CSM – Culinary Supervisory Management
FS&S – Food Safety & Sanitation

Food Preparation & Cookery Level 2


A graduate of École Ritz Escoffier, Paris, French trained, Certified Executive Chef, Peter Edey, is the founder and Director of the Caribbean Cuisine Culinary Institute . Establishing a culinary institute came as no surprise, after working in education for over twenty-five years, most of which were spent at the Barbados Hospitality Institute.

Throughout his career, Chef Edey has been contracted to carry out a number of training assignments for international organizations across the world and is the recipient of numerous awards. Chef Edey is also responsible for the training of hundreds of young culinarians through his culinary conference held annually in Barbados.

Peter A. Edey, CEC, WCEC


Anton Döös III is an American Culinary Federation Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and Culinary Evaluator (CE). He is also a Certified Food Management Professional (FMP) with the American National Restaurant Association, holds a Certified Food Service Educator (CFSE) designation from Trident University and was recently awarded the prestigious WorldChefs Certified Executive Chef (WCEC) certification.

Chef Döös is Chair of the Family and Consumer Science Department at the St. Croix Career and Technical Education Center, State Director for the Virgin Islands SkillsUSA, as well as President of the American Culinary Federation Virgin Islands Chefs and Cooks Association and the VI BBQ Education Society.

Jeffrey Rotz is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC®), a Worldchefs Certified Executive Chef (WCEC), a Certified Culinary Educator (CCE®), as well as a Fellow of the American Academy of Chefs (AAC®).

He retired from the Navy after 22 years of service and was a Culinary Educator for over 18 years at both post-secondary and secondary schools in Florida. Chef Rotz currently teaches a variety of Food & Beverage Courses and conducts assessments of hotels, resorts and restaurants.

Jeffrey Rotz, WCEC,CEC,CCE, AAC

Manfred Schmidtke, CEPC, CMB

A Certified Master Baker and Certified Executive Pastry Chef, Manfred Schmidtke has a career which spans nearly four decades. Chef Schmidtke credits his training in his homeland, Germany, with opening doors to an interesting career through which he realized that he had not only a talent for teaching, but a passion as well.

This passion led to him molding and shaping aspiring Pastry Chefs for almost 20 years at the now defunct Lincoln Culinary Institute, where he was Department Chair – International Baking and Pastry Programme.


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